Digital Power


  • Compensation-free stability saves design time
  • Integrated LDOs enable single supply operation from 12V
  • DDC bus enables sequencing and fault management across multiple Intersil devices
  • Non-volatile memory allows users to store all configuration and setup parameters

ZL8800’s Compensation Free Control Loop and High Integration Simplifies Design, Reducing Risk, Cost and Footprint, Extending Intersil’s Leading-Edge Digital Power Platform

The ZL8800 is a Dual Channel/Dual Phase controller that utilizes a ChargeMode™ control loop technology to deliver fast transient response without the need for compensation, reducing design time. It provides best-in-class transient response for digital Point of Loads (POLs), saving on output capacitance and board space, important benefits for the advanced power systems found in the latest generation of base-stations, routers, and similar infrastructure designs.

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  • Integrated 6A FETs reduce solution size and simplify design and layout
  • Ability to design and adjust all major functions with external resistors, simplifying design
  • Use of industry standard PMBus interface to accurately monitor all telemetric data (output voltage, input voltage, output current and temperature)
  • One-wire DDC bus provides sequencing, synchronization  and fault management across Intersil devices

Reduce Design Time with Digital, 6A, Fully Integrated Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

The new ZL2102 is a fully-integrated, auto compensated DC/DC regulator able to support adjustable output voltages of 0.54V to 5.5V operating from input voltages from 4.5V up to 14V. A high level of integration and ease of configurability make the ZL2102 a reliable building block for even the most sophisticated infrastructure power system applications.

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ZL2102DEMO1Z Demo Kit
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ZL2102DEMO1Z App Note

PowerNavigator GUI to Simplify System Design

  • Drag and drop system design
  • Click and drag sequencing
  • Command tool library
  • Pre-loaded common configurations for FPGAs


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