Key Features

  • Compensation-free stability saves design time
  • Non-volatile memory allows users to store all configuration and setup parameters
  • ChargeMode control loop architecture for transient response
  • Output voltage range: 0.54V to 5.5V
  • Input voltage range: 4.5V to 14V
  • DDC bus enables sequencing and fault management across multiple Intersil devices

PMBus™ ChargeMode™ Control DC/DC Digital PWM Controllers

The ZL8800 is a dual channel/dual phase controller that utilizes a ChargeMode™ control loop technology to deliver fast transient response without the need for compensation, reducing design time. It provides best-in-class transient response for digital Point of Loads (POLs), saving on output capacitance and board space, important benefits for the advanced power systems found in the latest generation of base-stations, routers, and similar infrastructure designs.

The ZL8801 digital power controller is a dual phase only version of the ZL8800, with added support for DDC current share (up to 4 devices, or 8 phases).

Used in conjunction with Intersil’s easy-to-use PowerNavigator™ GUI, the ZL8800 and ZL8801 digital controllers simplify system power conversion and speed the design process.

Demo Boards
Quickly demonstrate the features and performance of the ZL8800 and ZL8801 digital power controllers


Key Features

  • Integrated 6A MOSFET switches
  • 6A continuous output current
  • SMBus-compliant serial interface
  • One-wire DDC bus provides sequencing, synchronization and fault management across Intersil devices

6A Digital Integrated Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Regulator with Auto Compensation

Intersil's ZL2102 is a fully-integrated, auto compensated DC/DC regulator able to support adjustable output voltages of 0.54V to 5.5V operating from input voltages from 4.5V up to 14V. A high level of integration and ease of configurability make the ZL2102 a reliable building block for even the most sophisticated infrastructure power system applications.

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Demo Board
Quickly demonstrate the features and performance of the ZL2102 digital power regulator

PowerNavigator™ GUI Simplifies Digital Power Design

Intersil's PowerNavigator GUI lets users design digital power into their systems without writing a single line of code, and its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface significantly accelerates design time.

  • Drag-and-drop system design
  • Click and drag sequencing
  • Command tool library
  • Pre-loaded common configurations for FPGAs
PowerNavigator GUI Simplifies Digital Power Design - Intersil
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