Key Features

  • Complete digital switch mode power supply
  • PMBus-enabled for full system configuration, telemetry and monitoring of all conversions and operating parameters
  • ChargeMode™ control architecture
    • Fast transient response
    • Compensation-free
  • ±1.0% VOUT accuracy over line, load and temperature
  • Thermally-enhanced HDA package simplifies thermal management, solution positioning and PCB routing

50A Digital DC/DC PMBus Power Module

Intersil’s ISL8272M digital power module is a complete step-down power supply capable of delivering up to 50A of output current from industry standard 12V or 5V input power rails. The easy-to-use ISL8272M provides PMBus-enabled point-of-load conversions for advanced FPGAs, ASICs, processors and memory in space-constrained and power-dense telecom and datacom applications.

Used in conjunction with Intersil’s PowerNavigator™ GUI, the highly-integrated ISL8272M simplifies system power conversion and configuration, while speeding design time.

Digital DC/DC PMBus 25/33 Amp Modules

The ISL8270M and ISL8271M are 25A and 33A step-down DC/DC power supply modules with integrated digital PWM controller, synchronous power switches, an inductor and passives. Only bulk input and output capacitors are needed to finish the design. The 25/33A of continuous output current can be delivered without a need of airflow or a heatsink.

The ISL8270M/71M devices use ChargeMode™ control architecture, which responds to a transient load within a single switching cycle with a compensation free design. The ISL8270M/71M family is supported by Intersil's PowerNavigator software.

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