55V Buck Controller with Integrated 3A Driver

Intersil’s ISL78268 synchronous buck controller is the most versatile high voltage buck solution available. Providing very high step-down efficiency for a wide variety of load currents, the ISL78268 can support virtually every 12, 24, or 48 volt high current buck requirement for automotive and industrial applications, simplifying design and reducing time to market.

For heavy load applications, designers often have to balance power conversion efficiency against size and noise constraints. This requires making trade-offs among component selection, switching frequency and output ripple, and often requires the power stage to be tailored to the load in question. The ISL78268 buck solution is designed for the utmost flexibility so that it can be used regardless of the optimization balance.

  • Wide operating input voltage range of 5V to 55V (up to 60V when not switching)
  • Adjustable switching frequency from 50kHz to 1.1MHz
  • Supports 5-25A loads and can be used in a two-phase, current sharing configuration to support loads up to 50A
  • Constant current regulation / limiting (dedicated average control loop)
  • Adaptive dead-time control
  • Selectable diode emulation and burst mode for light loads
  • Low shutdown current of 3µA
  • AEC-Q100 qualified

Datasheet  ISL78268 Datasheet

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